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28 Digital Nomad Visas

You got your eyes set on travelling and working around the world when it opens up? Or perhaps you can already book flights across the world and are living it up!

Either way the world will never look the same again, after pan-Demi no More there will be more opportunities for digital nomads, freelancers and business owners to choose where they want to spend their time and money. 

Plenty of amazing creators have already touched on this subject so you should definitely go and read up but if you are raking in between 50k-100k a year you can pretty much buy your ticket into a whole heap of countries for longer. Each country has different criteria and eligibility so make sure to check out each country’s official link to know exactly what's up!


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Here are the perfect resources for reading up a bit more :

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28 Digital Nomad Visas
  1. Anguilla  (1 year)
  2. Antigua & Barbuda (2 years)
  3. Aruba (3 Months, US Passport holders only) 
  4. The Bahamas (1 year)
  5. Barbados (1 year)
  6. Bermuda (1 year)
  7. Cabo Verde (6 months)
  8. Cayman Islands (2 years)
  9. Croatia (1 year)
  10. Czech Republic (1 year)
  11. Curacao (6 months)
  12. Dominica (18 months)
  13. Estonia (1 year)
  14. Georgia (1 year)
  15. Germany (3 years)
  16. Iceland (6 months)
  17. Malta (1 year)
  18. Mauritius (1 year)
  19. Mexico (4 year)
  20. Montserrat (1 year)
  21. Norway (3 years)
  22. Peru (Open ended)
  23. Portugal (5 years)
  24. Seychelles (1 year)
  25. Spain (1 year)
  26. Taiwan (open ended)
  27. Dubai (UAE) (1 year)
  28. Uruguay (6 months)

So many countries to frolic over and dream about. What country are you going to book in your digital nomad visa with? 

If you are not yet or don't wanna be a digitalised nomad there are always the standard tourist options and working holiday visas! Let us know if you would like some more info or ideas.


Catch you out there in the world!

Cheers, Alicia

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