How To Play Paradise Ride: Travel Tales

The aim of the game is to share and relive your epic travel memories with a unique prompt on each card. Revisit all your favourite places and memories with the wildest story time game for backpackers and travellers! 

The Rules Are Simple

  1. Choose your adventure 
  2. Draw a card & Read it out loud
  3. Tell your tale & Hear the legends unfold


Group Tour 

We all answer the same game card with our epic stories. No tale goes unanswered! 

We love this one for smaller groups up to 6 people because it gives everyone a chance to answer the same question and it gives people a little time to process the card question. It is also the best way to savour the game and the questions.

Solo Expedition

We all answer a unique card and the next move goes to the next explorer. A fav amongst medium and larger groups!

We recommend this style to larger groups because it keeps the game moving a little faster and keeps the epic stories rolling! Love this for larger groups that need a little bit more structure, because let's face it travel stories can get out of control!

Battle of Backpackers 

We all battle it out on the game cards and the group votes on their favourite travel story. The winner keeps the card at the end of the round and the person that has won the most cards when the game is over wins.  A fav amongst the experienced and brag happy. This can be the most epic, favourite, random or crazy story.

This gameplay is best played when everyone in the group has a lot of travel and backpacking experience. An epic battle amongst humble explorers. We love this gameplay for small and medium size groups to keep the stories rolling and voting at a nice pace. 

Optional Aid: The Guide

If you have a rowdy group or more than 8 travellers by the table you can option to choose a person amongst you that guides you through Travel Tales. This person keeps track of the conversations and makes sure that no-one wanders off.

Where to play Paradise Ride: Travel Tales

  • Dinner parties with good friends and delicious foods
  • Predrinks with your travel crew
  • Road trips with your besties
  • Hostel parties with pumped up gap year students
  • In your van with friendly nomads
  • Games night to switch things up, Cards Against Humanity is dead
  • By the bonfire with a cuppa, that probably got something strong in it
  • In the common areas with international students
  • Afterparties with lovable wierdos
  • At the pub with new mates
  • Work functions to get your boss riled up
  • Kickons with strangers from the club
  • At the afterwork to keep the conversation away from work
  • Teatime with nanna, because she got some insane stories you don't know
  • Family dinner when you want to squeeze out your parents secrets 
  • In the hostel pool with the backpackers you'll be friends with forever 


Where will you be playing Travel Tales?

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