What is Travel Tales?

Travel Tales is the best card game for travellers about travelling. It is a unique conversational game that prompts you to share your personal experiences and wildest memories. Where you share and relive your favourite and most outrageous travel moments. An epic story time that keeps the good times coming. On each card, you will find a handcrafted and happy-hour infused travel question and prompt to lead you down the epic memory lane that is your worldly trips. Guaranteed to make you want to book a one-way ticket to the other side of the world. 

Why did we make Travel Tales?

So travel lovers could relive their epic memories. So people could connect over their epic experiences and so that stories that had been lost would be heard again.

There was not a game like Travel Tales out there, so we made it instead. For people who wants a new game to play in hostels, at home, at parties and on road trips. Or even in work environments and educational spaces. 

A game that was made for people who love to travel to connect. Because the next best thing than going on an adventure is talking about it with mates.

How did we make Travel Tales?

The game is inspired by our campervan trip in 2015 when we made up our own drinking game; The Paradise Ride Game. Eventually we wanted to make a new game. So naturally it became a card game game about travelling, personal experiences and storytelling. It was important that was fun and quirky, that it had its own personality. But even more so that it was inclusive, open to everyone at the table and that anyone that has travelled internationally or domestically can partake.

Over 18 months we made hundreds of cards and added unique features like the memory prompts and headlines and the choose your own adventure game play. We organised travel stories and topics and worked on the game design. Travel Tales was played and tested it with friends and family and couldn't wait to play it with the rest of the world. 

Lots of people asked how do you win? To which we would always say it is not the point…!! Your memories are the aim of the game. But then the lightbulb moment switched and we know that adding in a voting element would be siiick, so Battle of Backpackers was born.

Many people have inspired Travel Tales throughout the years and it would not be possible without the amazing conversations we have had with travellers over the world.

Travel Tales is created with special thanks to:

Alex, Tom, Susanna, Patrick, Emelie, Cissi, Ryan, Gundi, Porto, Matt, Leon, Natalie, Victoria, Lachlan, Emma, Andrew, Jamie, Carina, Sam, Seryn, Conrad, Ellen, Pete Tania, Steve, Nola & Marita.

Also, Thanks to Ian at Travel Massive for inspiring the game function of "The Guide" and supporting Paradise Ride from the very beginning.

Travel Tales is made possible by:

The 72 amazing backers that believed in the game and made it come to life with our Kickstarter campaign!

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