About Paradise Ride

Hey there traveller! We knew you would find us.

Welcome to the Paradise Ride Crew!

Paradise Ride is where our family comes to party and where our dreams come to life. It’s where our adventure never ends and everyone is a friend. It is the voice at the back of our head telling us to go. Go some more. It is the travel bug and the wanderlust. It is our home, our world and what we love the most. Strap in traveller, because we are taking you with us.

Thank you!

There are lots of things in the pipeline but right now, we are thrilled to share our travel family secret, Travel Tales. This is just one way we are giving a voice to the epic stories that we have heard from all of the amazing people we have met on our journey so far. Big thanks to everyone who has made Travel Tales Game and the Paradise Ride’s adventures possible. 

We are a forever growing travel crew on an unforgettable adventure.
We unearth the craziest travel stories from the world and bring more epic moments to travellers.

Travel as a human. Adventure like a maniac. Revel forever.
Connect the world through adventure, games and conversation. 
Create more opportunities for everyday stories.
Champion the individual. Unify the community.

Why stories are everything to to us

We are the stories we live to tell. The transaction of stories is what bonds us. The interaction is what elevates us. Stories go on to take a life of their own. They inspire new stories to be lived, worthy to be told.

We are taking you with us as we write the story of Paradise Ride. Welcome traveller, we knew you would find us.

The Paradise Ride Projects
2015 - Paradise Ride - Freedom Tour - Van Adventure Around Europe
2017 - World Tour - Backpacking adventure on all 6 continents
2021 - Paradise Ride Down Under - Big lap of OZ


Meet the Founders 

Paradise Ride is founded and operated by Swedish/Polish Dreamsicle Alicia (Baba, Babs, G) and Tassie Adventuresaurus Jason (Jase, J-Bone, Kung Jasse). Outside of travelling, you can catch us dancing on the beach and fishing off the reef, raving at festivals and sinking froths at local sports games and gigs.

We always love a good chat, so be sure to say G’Day!

Alicia was born in Sweden on the west coast with an early curiosity of all things international and a desire for adventure. Since the age of 18, her passion for dancing and midnight conversations in beautiful locations has taken her across the globe. She has studied business and entertainment, working within tourism and events. The first one to jump on board any idea, dream and work to make it happen. 
Jase is an all-around good guy from Tasmania, Australia on a mission to see the entirety of the world. You can bet he is into his music, sports, hiking and outdoor adventures. He started travelling when he was 25, the first country he visited was the US to see a Nirvana Exhibition in Seattle. Since then he has travelled all over the world but always gets most excited returning to his home shores of Tassie.