Who is Paradise Ride: Travel Tales for?

Paradise Ride: Travel Tales is for travellers, backpackers, vagabonds, nomads and everyone else who loves to travel!

Why did we create Paradise Ride: Travel Tales?

We wanted to create a game that celebrated all the crazy travel moments that we never wanna forget!

What is Paradise Ride: Travel Tales?

Paradise Ride: Travel Tales is a celebration of backpacker culture. It is an epic story time for people who love to travel. Essentially the game is the 5 travel questions turned to 100!

How did you create Paradise Ride: Travel Tales?

It all started on a beach in Romania 2015. We wrote down drinking dares on business card made in power point! with travellers. Show the original card

Fast-forward another 6 years, heaps more travel experience and interactions with travellers later and we are finally ready to share our game and our stories with the world!

What is in Paradise Ride: Travel Tales?

Paradise Ride: Travel Tales includes 100 hand-crafted, happy-hour induced travel questions to relive your best travel moments.

Includes 100 custom made adventure time capsules ready be explored amongst other travel obsessed revellers!

The Paradise Ride game includes tiny story time bombs ready to explode!

I have an idea for a card! How do I get it into the Paradise Ride Game?

Oh hubba, we cannot wait to hear this! Yell, write, email, video, socials! Tell us any way you like!

Can I play the Paradise Ride game if I have never travelled internationally?

We hate to say it but no, not really. Some cards you'll have a ball with but others you would need more experience. When this "pandameme" is stabalised take a trip and come back to us!

Can I play if I have only been to a couple of other countries?

Hell yes. Paradise Ride: Travel Tales game was made for you in mind!

Can I sell the Paradise Ride: Travel Tales Game?

We knew we would like you! Get in touch with us via email and let's set up a meeting so you can become a supplier!